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    Vanderhall Motor Works is the boutique American manufacturer of popular three-wheel autocycles. Check out Vanderhall’s newest models to date, the Venice and Venice Speedster. The all-new Venice Speedster is created for soloistic escapes and nicely accommodates solo touring with ample storage. The latest three-wheeler car from Vanderhall is limited to a production of approximately 250 units. Sleek and refined with the styling of yesteryear while benefiting from modern performance, the Venice Speedster is holistically attractive.

    Assembled in the USA using almost all American-sourced components, the Vanderhall platform is a patented tab-and-slot aluminum monocoque chassis, engineered and manufactured in-house. The Vanderhall-designed suspension incorporates coil over shocks. The front suspension uses a cantilevered pushrod design, and the rear is a single-sided swingarm. Optional Brembo disc brakes provide 4 Pot stopping power, halting the Venice Speedster in less than 85 feet (25.91 meters).

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